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Poster: J.B. Nicholson Date: May 10, 2005 4:18am
Forum: forums Subject: Suggestions for submissions

Some suggestions for file submission, mostly concerning information embedded in the file in tags:

I'd like to get to make derivative formats for me, but I'd like to preserve the tags I put into the file I submit. could make this easier by reading the tags supplied with an input file and using them in derivative files instead of making the submitter supply new tags. I submit audio files to I'd love to be able to submit an Ogg FLAC file, for instance, and know that all the Ogg tags I put into that will appear in any derivative file creates. doesn't allow the submitter to supply as many tags as one can supply themselves (for instance, there is no copyright tag in the submission form, and there is no tag to include a textual copy of the license). I want the license text to be a part of the file, not just mentioned along side the files in webpages, because I want the license to travel with copies of the file. When people link to the file they don't see the webpage at all, thus if the license doesn't appear in the file people don't know what their rights are regarding that file.

Thanks so much for your incredibly valuable service.